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Ensure your company stays in compliance with all state and federal mandates when you work with us at TAG/AMS. Since 1989, our team has proudly provided drug testing consortium services for companies of all sizes. We work hard to keep you in DOT compliance in Los Alamitos, California, with our specialty programs and services. Turn to us to set up and maintain an effective drug and alcohol testing program to fit your organization’s requirements.

Achieving Full Compliance

In 1989, the FAA was tasked with creating regulations to establish drug and alcohol testing for those employees performing safety-sensitive work. For those employees who work with air carriers and similar roles, safety on the job is essential.

Since the start of the Aviation Medical Systems (AMS) Employee Drug/Alcohol Testing, our company has worked to serve the needs of organizations throughout the industry. Today, we represent more than 1,200 clients located nationwide with our specialty services. We proudly provide customized programs and guidance to help achieve DOT and FAA compliance with all federal regulations. Our services have been utilized by groups within the following:

  • FAA
  • FTA
  • USCG

Developing Cost-Effective Compliance Strategies

As regulations change, we stay on top of all standards as they affect your company. We closely monitor changes in drug and alcohol testing rules for safety-sensitive transportation employees to remain current on the latest regulations and guidelines. Our company works with your Designated Employee Representative and Registered Alternate in a number of areas for an employment drug test in Los Alamitos, California, including the following key areas:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Supervisor and Employee Training

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  • Record-keeping and Reporting
  • Policy and Procedure Development