FAA Audit Preparation & Designated Employer Representative Training in Los Alamitos, CA

Ensure every detail is covered prior to your audit when you turn to us at TAG/AMS. Since 1989, we have offered FAA audit preparation for clients nationwide. With our services, you will be ready for your upcoming FAA Drug Abatement audit. Meet with us today to utilize our services.

TAG/AMS has more than 25 years of experience dealing with the FAA Drug Abatement division. The core objective of the FAA and its procedures are obviously well intended. As a regulated industry, we are in a business that is subject to very specific regulations established to maintain the highest level of safety. This is where knowledge and preparation are key to passing an FAA compliance audit.

Our FAA Audit Protection Program makes sure our clients have their record-keeping in order, both documents and procedures, before FAA inspections take place. Part of our audit prep is to inform our clients how the FAA audit program works, so they are prepared for the audit. It is also crucial to understand exactly how to respond in an investigative situation. Proper responses can be the difference between a long, costly, drawn-out investigative process versus a simple response, or avoiding the issue altogether.

We can help all kinds of businesses with designated employer representative training in Los Alamitos, CAAs part of our program, we come to your office to review your internal records to ensure the record-keeping aspect of your random drug testing program is in order. We will also go over with you, the FAA checklist. We review "Appendix A" of the “FAA Drug and Alcohol Compliance and Enforcement Inspector Handbook 9120_1C “ to make sure your representative understands the audit process, what happens during an inspection, how to present your records for a successful audit with the FAA.

Our FAA Audit Preparation Program ensures a successful outcome to an FAA Audit. Contact us today for more information! Our services also include DOT reasonable suspicion training and designated employer representative training in Los Alamitos, CA.